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What are the sealing technologies for the multi layer hollow sunshine plate of PC plastic?


The plastic sealing technology Kay PC multilayer hollow sunlight plate: PC sun board above the existing tape, only for temporary protection around the edge plate is not damaged or protect the sun board holes cannot be into water or dust, and the adhesive tape is not resistant to the husband. In the installation process, according to the size of cutting plate, and then use the special tape project according to sunshine board (sunshine board installation manual) installation specifications of cell sealing plate end, sun board engineering special tape has good weather resistance, long-term use will not lose adhesion and mechanical strength. When installing adhesive tape, pay attention to the following points: 1/ make sure that the edges of the PC hollow sun plate are clean and smooth. 2/ will all within the cell sheet blow clean, because in the compressed air must be dry and without any impurities, 3/ can guarantee the end of U type protection groove section or the metal cover tape completely cover and sealing is good, so the installation is complete there should be no exposed part of 4/ before the installation of the final pre plus installation, we must check the belt is damaged, the damaged lost tape must be timely replacement.
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